Welcome to our Free Resource Library!

Are you looking for free printables such as worksheets or flashcards to teach literacy and numeracy skills? Here are some absolutely free resources for you! These resources are suitable for children between 3 to 8 years old. They are designed to be engaging and in bite sizes - because learning should never be overwhelming!

As you can see, we are still working hard to grow our collection of free teaching resources for all. Please continue to visit this site in the near future or SUBSCRIBE to us for updates when new freebies are added.


In the meantime, we hope you'll still find something useful for your teaching needs here. :)

Alphabet Dab It
Alphabet Hunt - Dab or Color the letters!
FREE Summer Number Puzzles
Numbers 1 to 20
FREE Flash Cards and Tracing Cards
15 Kindergarten Sight Words
FREE 35 CVC Puzzles
Short a Word Families
FREE Playdough Mat
15 Kindergarten Sight Words
Pronouns Posters
Pronouns Posters
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FREE Playdough Mat

15 Kindergarten Sight Words

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