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Growth Mindset Posters | EDITABLE | - Hot Air Balloon

Growth Mindset posters to create a more positive learning attitude! In a beautiful and soothing theme. You can even create your own messages by using the EDITABLE PowerPoint presentation. In this pack, you will get: ✮ 13 pages of posters in color ✮ An EDITABLE PowerPoint with ALL the poster images for you to type in your own messages in your own fonts. (Only the main font used in these posters is embedded.) 13 Growth Mindset phrases included: ❤ This is hard but I can learn how to do it! ❤ I ask for help when I am really stuck. ❤ I’m not good yet but with effort I would be! ❤ I can’t do it yet but I will keep working on it! ❤ Struggles make me stronger! ❤ I believe I can if I keep on trying! ❤ I can learn from my mistakes! ❤ Getting good at something may take time and that’s okay! ❤ I am not scared of a challenge! ❤ I will not give up even when it’s hard! ❤ I put in effort because I want to learn! ❤ It’s OK to not know, but it’s not OK to not try! ❤ All things are difficult before they are easy!

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